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If amnesty laws prevent Spanish courts investigating the cases cited by Servini, which date from until the dictator's death in , then she might declare her own court competent to investigate and try crimes allegedly committed by Franco's henchmen. In a formal petition to Spain, Servini indicates that the court would investigate allegations of genocide, including tens of thousands of cases of "torture, assassination, forced disappearances and the stealing of children". Her request mirrors those made over the past dozen years by Spanish courts which, using international law allowing human rights crimes to be investigated and tried elsewhere if a country cannot do so itself, have brought cases against several military regimes in Latin America.

In that case the law lords ruled that the former dictator should be extradited to face trial in Spain, although Jack Straw, home secretary at the time, finally sent the general back to Chile on health grounds in You heard all the commotion? Check out a short clip below of the very beginning of this episode to hear a piece of that authentic Argentine accent…. The origin is pretty insane and represents the quirkiness of lunfardo.

plural of argentino

Re copado. Re copado consists of two words that are super Argentine. Anything can be re in Argentina: re caro expensive , re lindo beautiful , re barato cheap …. The word mango bears an uncanny resemblance to the fruit mango.

The origin traces back to prison slang of Italian immigrants in Buenos Aires who used the word as a synonym for currency. Quilombo is actually a Portuguese word adapted from the African language Kimbundu and represented communities of runaway slaves in Brazil, reflecting the disorderly living conditions. However, funny enough, quilombo is not used in this context in Brazil. La posta is the truth! Note again that the verb dejar and decir are both conjugated in the voseo. This is very important if you want to sound Argentinian. These words are used all throughout pop culture and music argenta check out this song by popular Kumbia group Nene Malo.

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The Youtube views on that video is absolutely insane! I would advise against using rocho unless necessary. Also check out our amazing Spanish slang madness post in this article! However, I had the advantage of having a strong academic background in Spanish before I went to Argentina. During my time in there, I watched countless friends try to learn Spanish from scratch and I noticed so many things that did not quite match up with my formal education.

The problem is, there is no single Spanish-speaking accent because there are way too many countries that speak Spanish. The types of accents English speakers are generally exposed to are often limited to Mexican, Spanish from Spain , Puerto Rican, and Cuban. The Argentine accent is an entirely different beast.

Argentina has a heavy Italian influence, so many Argentines speak with the sing-song rhythm that Italians use. If you go to Mexico and know how to order a beer in Spanish, the waiters will praise you.

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In many Latin countries, they are so flattered that you have even attempted to learn their language that they will applaud any effort you make. They will also be extra patient with you as you stumble your way through asking for directions.

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  • If they speak English, they will immediately switch to English because they do not want to waste their time with your sub-par Spanish. It can be very confusing and discouraging for beginners. Argentines have so much slang. While slang is bound to happen in any Spanish speaking country, Argentina really has a pretty incredible amount of it.

    Of course, the quantity is not really the issue so much as the unfamiliarity. Again, you may have been exposed to slang from places like Mexico or Puerto Rico through movies and music, but not a lot of Argentine slang makes it all the way to the North America or Europe. I love Argentina and I would recommend the country to anyone. How Ayahuasca Changed My Life. The Ultimate Ecuador Travel Guide. How to Choose the Best Travel Camera. Written by: Rease Kirchner is a freelance writer, Spanish translator, preschool tutor and whatever else she feels like doing.

    After spending nearly 2 years living in Argentina, she moved back to the US to explore her own continent. You can keep up with her funny adventures, travel tips, and food recommendations from around the world on her blog Indecisive Traveler , her Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter.

    Christy Woodrow is a travel photographer and professional blogger based in San Diego. She has been traveling around the world with her partner, Scott, since Join them in their quest to find off-the-beaten-path destinations by signing up for weekly emails.

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    Argentinos. | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

    You can read more about her on our about page. Hello from Argentina. I would like to totally second almost everything in your article. Would not recommend Chile as the ideal Spanish learning destination either. I think Chilean Spanish might be even more exceptional. But I noticed that most educated Chileans are very indulgent and will adjust their speech so that a dumb-ass foreigner could understand.

    Am completely in love with both countries and their people nonetheless. The place is a basket case. They are the rudest, and poorest poverty of mind people on the planet, and the food is horrendous. The pollution, both noise and filth is unbearable day or night. My strong recommendation would be for you to go elsewhere to study the beautiful language; to a place where you can enjoy your interactions with locals. These informal interactions are rare in Argentina, and not freely exhibited.

    Roberto Lara: Argentina - The Guitar of the Pampas

    The place Sucks! However, the Argentine accent of Spanish is the easiest to understand. Spot on. I speak Argentinian and everyone understands, but it is not always the other way around. I can understand, Spainards, Venezuelans, Peruvians and Mexicans. I had the pleasure of living in Argentina as a student fifty years ago.

    It was a time when very few Argentines spoke English except for a handful of upper class twits who went to private British schools so I learned the language fairly quickly. I would describe myself today as fluent at the level of an educated native speaker. Of course I ended up having a porteno accent, vos and all, but in subsequent years I worked all over Latin America and the only place where people were offended by my accent which I have moderated over the years to resemble standard radio announcer Spanish was…Mexico.

    Argentines are particularly hated there for what Mexicans consider their racist arrogance towards mixed race peoples. Oh, I forgot: a problem in Spain. I think Spaniards, or at least Madrilenos, hate everybody including each other so I have never let it bother me.

    Why You Shouldn’t Learn Spanish in Argentina

    If we hear mexicans speaking, we find it amusing since they sound like a lot of TV shows we love. Maybe we are arrogant, but the common way to express that arrogance is the lack of interest we usually show for other peoples. La verdad estoy bastante de acuerdo con tu articulo …..