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You can change your marriage for the better NOW. If you felt like you've been going in circles trying to straighten things out, this book is just what you have been hoping for! If you want a better relationship with your spouse and you are willing to make small but significant changes, you can turn things around sooner than you would have thought possible. Just follow the guidelines laid out in this book. Your essential first step is to bet on your marriage, and let it pay off!

Regardless of the nature of your marital difficulty, the solution you have been searching for is here! All books are shipped in New condition promptly, we are happy to accept returns up to 30 days from purchase. Likewise, your marriage is one of the most significant events of your life, and you can bet your opponent has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.

That means that someone goes away disappointed every time someone else is enjoying a victory.

Betting is Cursed - unoriginal

Are you settling for a one-to-one ratio when it comes to your success and failures? For a truly winning marriage, you must work hard to keep your relationship strong. You want the wins by far to outweigh the losses. What holes are there in the line?

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This is perhaps the biggest threat to a winning marriage. Get the software on your computer to protect your family.

Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

Be strict about what you watch on television. Keep your romantic relationship airtight. Your marriage team should extend beyond your relationship with your spouse and include trustworthy people with high standards who can help keep you on track. You need people who can call you on the carpet when things are out of place, or lift you up when you hit a slump. Who are you talking to regularly that you can count on to be there during the good times as well as the hard times?

Will you sit on the sidelines and watch great marriages from the stands, wishing you could get in the game? Before I could even get to that part the bride started crying and the parents and bridesmaids and all that were almost yelling at me, and the groom my best friend of decades was furious.

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Even later that night when I explained to him my intent he wouldn't even listen to me. The bride especially apparently "feels betrayed by everyone" who participated in the bet. Even though I explained that I had misled all of them by saying the bride and groom knew about it in advance that wouldn't make them less angry.

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So needless to say I feel extremely bad. But I meant it all as a nice gesture and I feel if they could just see they have a near certainty of getting a free 3 grand in they could see this intention.

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  8. I think by then it will be a fond memory and a "look back on it laugh" kind of thing when we get to the 's, plus a nice little bonus of a 3 grand prize. I keep trying to explain this but my friend isn't hearing it, especially when I told him that I still had to follow up with whoever "wins" on the off-chance they do get divorced.

    But I really doubt they'd ever get divorced.

    What it's like to bet everything you own on red

    I know I went about it the wrong way but I don't feel I was the A here, but I want to see what reddit thinks. If you want your comment to count toward judgment, put one of the following abbreviations at the beginning of your comment. If you don't include a judgement abbreviation, the bot will ignore you when it looks for the top voted comment. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I feel like this is more than a tone deaf joke. As is, the couple was forced to hear about how none of their closest friends would bet on them lasting past Idk how the hell OP thought that telling them that would come across as supportive.

    Tone deaf is the exact term floating in my head while reading this post.

    Might have been fine if you'd gotten their permission before doing it.