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However, a child will not open its heart very easily. Really listening to a child, which includes seeing the non verbal signals which are given to us, is very important to make sure a child can let go of the negative feelings it has inside. Every child deserves to be a child as long as possible.

People tend to confuse happiness with feeling joyful. For me, it means being able to ac-cept myself with my strengths and weaknesses and to be connected with the unique people around me.

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It also means knowing periods of sadness or fear. It is the ability to embrace the more negative feelings without having to fight them.


What is my biggest fear? To lose the people around me that I care about. Thanks to all these pure unique people I have been able to grow. Despite the fact that I know loosing someone is part of life, I still feel the pain deeply. I am happy that I have been able to turn around the fear of loosing people into the belief that the connection I have with some people will never go away. To find that special characteristic part in a person.

Everyone has their own power, their own ambi-tion and has an own sparkle in their eyes. This will tell you all about that person. Whenever I feel that someone offers me this part of himself or herself, I feel blessed. That is the most precious part of the work I do. It is the way we look at things and the way we give them a meaning. As soon as we change this in ourselves, we will be able to see the small things in live. The small things have an even greater meaning than we sometimes expect. Eventually, the small things in life are the things that help us to find our internal happiness.

When and where was I the happiest in my work? The Summer of A passion, which I had for many years and that finally bloomed after hard work. To make it one: the combination of them all. Through careful choices and persistent plan-ning, you can control what happens to you. We are talking about your future. The best way to deal with the future is to invent it. Create your own life story — your own legend. Unfortunately, there is no operating manual or helpline, to make it easy to figure out what that purpose is.

It means that you are living on purpose. This translates in doing the right work, in the right environment, with the right people and using your talents and abilities in a way that benefits others, as well as yourself. For some, the rush of hurtling to the ground is exhilarating. Photography: Steven Mayatt Answer them quickly.

Put down the first thing that pops into your head before your left brain has a chance to butt in.

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Be honest — nobody has to see this but you. Many romantic tales have been spun about the vagabond life. Just remember that these stories are written by people, who disciplined themselves just enough to put pen to paper, and enough to sell their stories or art.

Italian Americans Part 1: Actors and Actresses

Being in control of your story means knowing what you want and working towards it. I absolu-tely love what I do. Some people know early on what they want. Most of us strug-gle for a while before we find our niche. Enjoy the journey. Consider it a voyage of discovery with treasures on your way. Self-knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Monitor Content for January 30, 2014

Photography: Emmanuel Prodano 54 55 Would you travel by land, air, or by sea? Indoors or outdoors? With people or with things? Or, do you prefer to be the power behind the throne? When would you rather not work?

eroine multitasking italian edition Manual

What days would you like to have off? What would be an ideal work schedule for you? How much time of your day would you like to spend dealing with people, and how much time would you like to be left alone?

When was the last time you went there? Worst in you? Would you prefer a laid-back lifestyle or one that is frantic and fast-paced? Your Story You have a life story if you pay attention to it. Take a look at the story of your life thus far.


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Which was easier to complete? What have I always wanted to do, but never got around doing them, yet? Take a close look at these three memories.

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  • What do they have in common? What were the circumstances, the people involved, the tasks you were performing, the setting and the time of year? Are you still engaging in these activities? If not, why not? How can you bring these things back into your life? The more you appreciate all the things you have going for you, the more you love life.

    Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Start small: your health, a place to live, a car, money in the bank, people who love you.

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    Put in as much detail as you can. Spend some time and thought on this one. Then pin it to where you see it often.

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    This is where you want to live your future life. This is the story about where you are going. Do you like what you do for a living? Are you happy? Are you using your talents? Are you able to create?