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Turkey of the Week: Jagermeister's attempt of irreverent fun is so near and yet so far

See all images 5 Free text. Figure 1 Overview of the central pattern generator for breathing. There are numerous influences: i Neuromodulatory left. Respiratory pattern is highly labile.

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There is widespread agreement that peptides, serotonin, norepinephrine and other endogenous neuromodulators can affect rhythmogenesis. These actions are essential for normal regulation and may go awry in diseases affecting breathing. This review focuses on the core oscillators.

Understanding the rhythm of breathing: so near yet so far. Traces are plethysmographic recordings. AL administered intracerebrocisternally induces a gradual decline of frequency and tidal volume until apnea develops after several minutes. Regions of interest ROIs shown, which correspond to B. All three were inspiratory neurons. IO is inferior olive. Figure 4 Passive expiration transformed into active expiration.

Redrawn from Pagliardini et al, Figure 5 Genetic organization of brainstem respiratory regions. Schematized description of brainstem progenitor domains for 8 dorsal dA1—dB4 and 5 ventral progenitor populations left based on their relative location within brainstem progenitor region. Partial list of transcription factors expressed at some point within progenitors italics or post-mitotic neurons within each domain middle.

Neurotransmitter s identity of neurons derived from each domain. Adapted from B.

Cartoon showing partial migratory path of ventral medulla left and caudal pons right neurons in embryonic mouse brainstem. Colors correspond to domains in A. Thick arrows correspond to populations important for breathing.

Note dB2 population light green is present only in caudal pons. Cartoon of developmental origin and approximate anatomical locations of respiratory-related populations in sagittal plane within ventral medulla and caudal pons. Colors correspond to developmental progenitor domain from A. Legend describes transmitter released by these neurons. Within the ventral respiratory column, nearly all respiratory-related glutamatergic neurons are Dbx1-derived.

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so near and yet so far

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So near and yet so far definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

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